Intercourse Bob-omb makes, but Scott, once the the guy told you lesbians instead of love

Roxanne Ritcher [ ]

Inside the just after-class on the Clash on Demonhead concert, Ramona is actually informed from the Scott’s experience of his old boyfriend-girlfriends in advance of he dumped him or her. Following, this new ninja out-of ahead of comes up, sharing herself to be Roxie Richter (Mae Whitman), the brand new last worst ex boyfriend. Scott cannot what Roxy was talking about till the bar into the his lead goes of ‘NO CLUE’ so you’re able to ‘GETS IT’. Ramona claims the whole thing was just a period and therefore she was only a tiny bi-curious and Roxy claims this woman is a small bi-mad and you will tries to kick Scott within his face. Ramona holds her legs and you will leaves their back. Ramona intervenes for the majority of endeavor on account of Scott’s resistance to combat a woman. Over the years, Roxy claims so you’re able to overcome the girl, Scott need to competition this lady together with own uncovered fists, and you can Ramona grabs Scott therefore the guy assault Roxy. Immediately following among Roxy’s teleportation attacks, Scott is already hit because of the Roxy’s leg sufficient reason for a clue of Ramona, he prods the rear of the woman knee, which makes the girl fall into the soil, and you will she dies stating this lady final terminology (You’ll not be able to do so it to the woman!!).

Shortly after finishing the lady address, she explodes into coins and you can Scott was rewarded 4000 affairs getting defeating Roxy. Scott, sick and tired of their now hectic dating, goes into an argument with Ramona, who runs off just after advising your regarding who his next rivals try via checklist.

New Katayanagi Twins [ ]

Stills informs Scott regarding Katayanagi Twins, who are next band from the race. Inside the next round of your competition of your own bands (Amplifier versus Amp), Gender Bob-omb confronts of up against the fifth and you will half dozen worst exes, dual Katayanagi brothers, Kyle (Shota Saito) and Ken (Keita Saito). Once they tear this new rooftop from to the power of their musical, Intercourse Bob-omb therefore the twins take part in a tunes battle, immediately following are blown back by the accumulated snow dragons’ inhale, Kim shows the spot from Gideon and you can Ramona (today that have green tresses). Scott is actually angered you to definitely Ramona has been Gideon (that is G-Man). Into fuel of its songs, the twins and you may Gender Bob-Omb summon one or two dragons and you can a keen ape-for example animal, respectively, just who brawl along side spectacled audience. The latest ape creature places brand new dragons at the twins, beating her or him, and this brings in Scott 5000 to help you 6000 activities an extra Existence.

Scott operates exterior to tell Ramona which he understands he’s aspects of not wanting to generally share not wanting to talk regarding the her previous, and prevent providing harm and you may Scott will not love you to stuff since the he’s into the “lesbians” together with her and you may function they. However,, Ramona states they have to separation on account of Gideon (the guy place a g-Man chip for her back) and provides Intercourse Bob-omb to indication an agreement to play starting night during the In pretty bad shape Theatre. However, Scott declines and you will More youthful Neil ‘s the replacement Scott. Perception disappointed to own themselves, he visits the fresh playground available just what the guy performed. Stacey pertains to the brand new playground to tell never to date the new woman which have ‘eleven worst-ex boyfriend boyfriends’. But Scott tells Stacey it’s seven.

Back in the apartment, Wallace instructions Scott to make from the white while the the guy specific guy’s junk, Scott is advised you to Wallace means his own bed tonight to own gender. Wallace indicates for Scott to go inside with Ramona, however, Scott informs Wallace that she’s having Gideon. Scott gets a call of Gideon which he seems terrible in the prior to and you will doesn’t want people hard ideas so he provided him a visit. Ramona try kept attentive of the Gideon, Scott try informed that he is starting the brand new A mess Cinema within the Toronto and Gender Bob-omb is to relax and play starting nights this evening. Scott tells Gideon he will come across your indeed there and that date, Gideon does not want any more bad blood anywhere between exes. Now, it’s personal, because Wallace sales Scott to end how to message someone on onenightfriend your including the Mortal Kombat profile Shao Khan does.

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