Meanwhile, in the conflict that have Scarface, Charmer begins a romance that have Scarface’s boy Ranger, from which Fox disapproves

Fox remains chief of your own classification if the pets cross the newest boat from the river and you can Fox seems seasick. The pets achieve the park, and you may will continue to take care of all the pets shortly after they’ve got showed up. Inside earliest cold temperatures, Fox requires the nice Stag in the event that their herd normally free particular hay on the reduced pets, and you will directs aside a search class whenever Badger happens forgotten. He seems in control again whenever several of the faster pet pass away regarding cool and you will diminished dinner. Fox himself becomes significantly slimmer and much shorter healthy since the not enough food takes its cost towards the your, however, the guy nevertheless suits Badger, Tawny Owl, Kestrel and you will Whistler towards the a journey on the the regional town so you can guardian soulmates-quizzen find eating.

Fox plus tries to enhance the Light Deer herd whenever poachers reach new park to have a look her or him since Warden try pulled unwell. He warns the newest deer if the poachers are available and stops them off destroying The good Stag. Fox comes up that have a propose to take away the poachers and you can work inside luring towards the thawing pool, which makes them fall in and remove their rifles. Although not, the latest poachers get back with this new guns and commence so you’re able to destroy every fox it find in the new park because an operate from payback if you are outwitted by Fox. Sooner or later, Fox in the end rids the newest playground of them permanently from the which makes them the latest Warden’s cottage, in which he is in the long run caught and you can arrested.

Fox’s Feud [ ]

Fox and you can Vixen keeps five cubs titled Challenging, Charmer, Dreamer, and you can Friendly, who quickly mark the eye out-of a mysterious fox entitled Scarface. Fox and Vixen soon find that Scarface try jealous of their cubs, Bold particularly, and intends to destroy him or her ahead of they’re able to become the dominant foxes regarding park. Fox to start with decides to ignore Scarface and be of his territory, but when Dreamer is actually savagely slain of the Scarface, Fox understands that he must exercise and you may creates a close look.

Whenever Bold try captured from the Scarface along with his clan, Fox and Friendly go to help save him, however, Ambitious escapes by himself. Following this, Fox sends Ambitious and you can Friendly to allow Adder know that Fox desires Scarface dead, but they are not clear adequate and Adder kills not the right fox. Sooner, Scarface and his clan launch an attack into the Farthing Wood dogs, but they are forewarned and cover up inside the Badger’s place. Scarface finds out them and Fox challenges your so you’re able to a single-on-one duel to safeguard another animals. Fox in the course of time beats and you can really injures Scarface features a chance so you can eliminate your, nevertheless the Warden appears and you may Fox lets Scarface wade. Whenever Scarface recovers off their wounds, the guy slaughters the newest farthing timber voles and you will community mice it is killed from the Adder quickly afterwards. Even in the event Fox are alleviated the fresh new danger of Scarface is more than, the guy feels regret he didn’t eliminate the aggressive fox himself.

But not, during the Scarface’s assault, Ranger finds the fresh new Farthing Wood pets and you will intends to give his father the fresh new place was empty, but Scarface captures her or him. Following this, Fox heats in order to Ranger and offer him his blessing to stay which have Charmer.

Brand new Fox Cub Committed [ ]

Fox simply appears around the stop of the guide, whenever Charmer says to him off Whisper’s coming in the park. Whenever Whisper informs them one Ambitious is actually dying, Fox along with his relatives hop out new park discover him and you may is actually told out-of their whereabouts from the Robber. Fox says to Ambitious just how pleased he’s of his son and you may assures your that they’re going to look after their cubs and you can give them on Bold’s tale.

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