Minho try aggressive, however, devoted, and you may is generally sarcastic

Their term is mentioned from inside the a job interview into journalist, James Dashner, who said it had been a mention of the a potential upcoming researcher

Thomas identifies Minho just like the a western boy who appears to get a little older than him and contains good palms and short, black colored hair. On courses, some characters talk about his practice of usually acquiring the history phrase at any argument otherwise argument. Minho is additionally detailed for one of the better sensory faculties of humor between the Gladers. In the 1st guide, The new Network Athlete, Minho seems to create numerous statements and jokes so you can scare Thomas, and you will appears to be rude and you will terrifying in the beginning, however, their personality quickly alter and you may shows that they are very simply a playful individual with quite a few sarcasm and you can earns Thomas’ respect shortly after he instructions Alby to visit rating liquid getting him and you may can make enjoyable regarding Thomas while Alby goes toward get the h2o to own your, Minho is actually one of several very very few just who you’ll speak to Alby by doing this. Minho is an incredibly faithful buddy who sticks in order to his best and always helps Thomas into that which you.

The fresh new Gladers hold an excellent council more than Thomas’ act out-of taking on the fresh Maze despite its guidelines. Gally claims the guy needs to be penalized if you are Newt contact Minho, asking for their opinion. Minho acknowledges that no one’s previously viewed a great Griever and you will lived to share with regarding it. The guy comes to an end that while he cannot see whether Thomas acted bravely otherwise stupidly for just what the guy performed, according to him that they you prefer more of it and you will signifies that Thomas become an athlete into shock of your own Keepers and Gladers similar. Just before a decision can be made, The box alarm sounds and you will Minho observe since the Newt declares one to the arrival is actually a woman.

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Minho fights together with the small fraction from Gladers which accompany them which is almost slain because of the Griever, up to Jeff intervenes. Teresa blows from the Area number in accordance with the patterns Minho receive, and therefore opens a home toward a hall. Immediately following locating the log off, it take notice of the fallen soldiers and you will clutter remaining regarding manage space. Thomas brings up a contact remaining from the Ava Paige and category watches as the she attempts to explain as to why they conducted the Network examples first off.

Thomas assumes fingers of your gun because Minho and you can Newt fight which have researching the fresh new ID credit. After they get the home unlock, they cross to another front side prior to Janson purchases shelter to help you intimate the entranceway. Thomas are forced to abandon the brand new gun and you may work with, rarely it is therefore until the home shuts. Aris holiday breaks new keypad on the end to stop people regarding allowing Janson aside.

Minho may well not frequently think its great, but they have a number of thinking rooted inside of him and enjoys the their family members, and although he was sarcastic throughout the most of the his thoughts all of the time, he and conveyed his emotions inside the very own method, very different occasionally

After Teresa is at the newest lever, she becomes herself free and assists other class rating sagging. In advance of capable refrain, a good henchman of Jorge’s efficiency, probably promote him or her out over WCKD. Thomas tries to battle him, simply to have the henchman section a gun at her or him. Brenda eliminates the fresh henchman and you can guides the team into zipline to leave. Minho slides immediately following Jorge and you may escapes brand new factory prior to the blown right up.

24 hours later, Minho try taken to a room of the WCKD troops where Teresa tells your one to a little girl titled Cheyenne could have been infected for three days hence Minho can help to save the woman and everybody more. Nevertheless when Teresa is going to hop out the space, Minho symptoms the lady, screaming at the the lady to be a traitor. Before WCKD troops restrain him, Minho holds a material tresses video from Teresa.

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